I'm Jessica and I'm a mom of preemie triplets.  My babies spent roughly a month in the NICU and those are days that are ingrained in my memory forever. Some are memories of love others of fear, excitement, anger, anxiety, joy.... all the feels.

Since the triplets came home I've combined my passion for crochet with advocating and helping preemies and their families. 

The  signature "spirals" on the toys in the shop provide comfort to preemies and newborns that call the NICU their home. The spiral shape reminds them of their umbilical cord and floating around in the womb. The tentacles provide comfort and help prevent babies in the NICU from pulling out their oxygen tubes, tugging on their wires and leads. It helps keep them comfortable and can even raise their oxygen levels!

I crochet everything myself following NICU guidelines and take safety and cleanliness in the highest regard when creating my items.

I hope you find something here to help ease the stress of the NICU and comfort your little bundle of joy until they are strong enough to come home.

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